The team you need. The control you want.

Getting your squad on demand means they can start building on day one. We make it possible through extensive coaching and management, intelligent team assembly and monitoring, and a strong engineering culture. We handle all the mechanics; all you do is get work done.

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is power.

We assemble, coach and manage your squad so it becomes a cohesive unit that functions as an extension of your own team.

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Where supply finally meets demand.

Our intelligent, self-improving platform allows you to connect seamlessly with your squad members, literally on the same page.

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The definition of agility.

At Gsquad, nobody works in a bubble. We foster a true engineering culture based on balanced collaboration and fast delivery.

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All the pluses. No minuses.

In today’s crowded tech market, managed teams on demand are the surest way to achieve your goals quickly at an affordable cost.

gsquad Employment Offshore Outsourcing
cost $$ $$ to $$$ $$ to $$$ $$$$$
Managed Teams Yes Yes No Maybe
Velocity Supercharged Varies Feeling Lucky? Varies
Risk Low Varies Very High High
Talents Available 2 weeks Feeling Lucky? Varies Varies
Top Talents Yes Varies Feeling Lucky? Varies
Product Manager Yes Yes No No
In-House team Yes Yes No No

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