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Immo Square specializes in the development and marketing of innovative technological solutions for real estate agencies. They propose a marketplace of services which offer a wide breadth of services, from the distribution of listings, to community management, printing, websites, and photo retouching. Founded in 2014 and led by managers with 25 years of experience, they have offices in four countries and are always looking out for the needs of their industry while making the marketplace ever more relevant.


An MLS is a group of real estate agencies (a network) and real estate brokers who join forces and collaborate in the search, sale, and rental of properties.

IMMO SQUARE was looking for a technical team able to deliver quality software, bring an understanding of MLS regulations and requirements, develop a mobile solution, and flexible backend infrastructure.


We provided a squad which included our customary talented tech lead, squad lead, three developers and product designer, whom we call upon on projects as needed, with no additional fees. Through this partnership we created mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The agencies grouped within this MLS, could use the platform to exchange files, post listings, book appointments, etc. It became the communication center for members of the network.


We created a mobile collaboration platform for real estate agents. Built from the ground up, it connects to some of our partner’s existing platforms, provides authentication, and a secure messaging interface. Visits, requests, and communications with and between agents can all be accomplished in-app using pre-populated and contextualized messages, as well as allowing for email-like exchanges. Each message is authenticated and permits legal traceability for the subsequent property transactions. Agents now can manage their listings and function with their own MLS’s numbering and standards.

This new application reinvents communications in the real estate industry and is even built to enable reselling as a white label solution. The collaboration was successful and is ongoing for the next phases of development.

I chose Gsquad to set up a multi-skilled mobile development team capable of both maintaining existing applications and creating new ones. Having a solid experience in IT myself, I appreciate the level of competence of the directors and tech leads, they bring not only resources but valuable expertise. The Gsquad methodology and their reliability towards commitments are highly valued by our project management team.

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Jean-Marc Welsch

co-founder of IMMO SQUARE

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