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Elevated Expectations

Started by security experts tired of the old ways, the team at Elevate Security are building a Behavior Platform, changing employees’ security habits while giving associated teams unprecedented visibility. With an already very impressive list of clients, from Autodesk to the city of San Francisco, the company wants to engage and motivate employees towards security issues, measure and know their defensive posture, strengths and weaknesses, as well as reinforce, reward, and provide feedback on client teams’ practices. Thanks to a stellar leadership team and $10 million USD over two funding rounds, Elevate Security is poised to make a difference in their field, bringing more effectiveness for companies and their employees.


With a fast growing list of client projects, the Berkeley based company was looking for a way to quickly scale its engineering capability in an extremely secure and trustworthy manner, taking into account it’s own decentralized operations, all the while dealing with the very competitive local job market.


Gsquad was able to quickly assemble four squads, with leads in Montreal to work alongside internal Elevate resources, and a very strong team of tech contributors working over a broad range of timezones from bases in Argentina, Kenya, and Pakistan. Thanks to our proven methodology and versatile culture of collaboration, everyone works as one effective unit.


The squads migrated a newly acquired company’s platform to Elevate’s in under one week, built the engagement platform’s frontend, and standardized all the apps. They are currently working on four separate products.

Beyond this quality work on software, Gsquad was able to provide help in other areas such as Agile development methods, team management, communication, and organization between both distributed teams (internal and ours), as well as quarterly product planning and roadmaps.

One of the most interesting aspects of this collaboration is that our squads have worked on various product stages: from inception on some completely new ideas to integrating acquired software, and evolving existing solutions.

Getting a complete scrum team as a service allowed us to scale quickly and seamlessly using our existing software engineering processes and tools. Scaling engineering teams so quickly is always a challenge, and Gsquad also helped us to improve some of our processes and filled gaps when needed.

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Jean-Francois (JF) Gailleur

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