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Delivering Better Outcomes for Patients

AlayaCare is an end-to-end home health care software platform. They are focused on providing better patient outcomes through the use of robust clinical documentation, exceptional back office solutions, and next-generation technology.

Our purpose as an organization is to enable the type of care we would want our loved ones to receive at home.

— Adrian Schauer, CEO


The company is not only a leader in its field but has also won a number of awards within the healthcare industry, and as an innovative tech startup. CEO Adrian Schauer has also been recognized for his vision, leadership, personal integrity and entrepreneurial spirit. They are producing some strong financial numbers and have raised a total of $61 million USD so far. In a market still overwhelmingly dealing in legacy software and suboptimal business processes, their goal is to bring a fully integrated solution, deliver better outcomes for the patient, better tools for the providers, and better economics for the payers. Like us, AlayaCare is focused on a vision of the future, in which intelligently applied technology can provide more adaptable solutions. Thus working towards a model combining in-home visits, virtual visits, remote monitoring, and useful insights born from human interactions and data.


Although AlayaCare could already count on a strong engineering staff, they work in a very complex field with multiple thorny issues and very complicated industry requirements to match. They wanted some additional resources to tackle more of those issues at the same time, including worries around usability, modularity and scalability, which needed to be worked on quickly. Compounding those problems—like is the case for so many in the industry—it was proving very difficult to find and hire enough senior developers.


Through our global network of collaborators and our effective practices for onboarding, we were able to quickly assemble the team and find a brilliant tech lead local to the client, who was embedded with their existing teams, thus accelerating the flow of information and aligning understanding and direction. Instead of focusing on specs being pushed as a be-all and end-all document, we worked closely together and didn’t hesitate to spend the time needed to learn and truly grasp the business logic and inner working of the partner’s industry. Through questioning and iterating, we pulled knowledge and needs while working in a truly agile way, resulting in a much tighter, more effective collaboration.


Every project was delivered on time and on budget, with features initially deemed unlikely to succeed so quickly, our teams remained closely linked with AlayaCare, providing not only resources but tech leadership and coaching. The Gsquad approach proved so effective that AlayaCare subsequently hired two additional teams now working on ongoing projects.

Partnering with Gsquad to accelerate our product development has been a great experience. They deliver great results and collaborate like we’re on the same team.

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Adrian Schauer

CEO AlayaCare

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