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Adikteev is a retargeting company based in Paris, Berlin and the US, they work with leading American and international app developers to increase revenue, in-app usage, and lifetime value and retention. The industry-standard analysis of AppsFlyer Performance Index, rates them second for “Gaming retargeting,” trailing only Facebook, and as the third best global app retargeting company. With an astonishing 6,142% 3-year growth, Adikteev was the 10th fastest growing private company in Europe for 2018. In the same year, they raised a $12 million USD round to strengthen their research and development efforts, and accelerate their ongoing international expansion. Throughout the years, they have made a number of strategic acquisitions like TradeMob and Y Combinator backed Motion Lead.


With such a high growth rate and having just acquired Berlin based TradeMob, Adikteev had understandably limited resources to assign to the integration of core infrastructures and was dealing with some of the common post-acquisition growing pains.


Gsquad was able to quickly assemble a team, including an onboarding week on site in Berlin, specifically to enable close collaboration and provide in-person communication to a team already spanning two cities.

We found an exceptional senior squad lead / frontend matter expert, and a team of fullstack tech contributors.

We managed an extremely time constrained, yet effective ramping up of our squads’s understanding of the partner’s technological stack, business logic, and industry specifics.

The squad proceeded through quick iterations to align our methodology and Adikteev’s development practices for code management and releases.


Over a short time, our squad was able to rebuild the infrastructure of a recently acquired product, merging it over two organizations.

We then worked on an interface overhaul of Adikteev’s DSP (Demand Side Platform) as well as some related backend functionality. The DSP is an ad campaign management tool, used by dozens of campaign managers to create, manage, and constantly monitor the advertising and retargeting campaigns of their clients. In close collaboration, we were able to bring much greater efficiency to the multiple tasks the managers tackle day to day.

Throughout the process, we also gained deep understanding of the business logic, and quickly aligned velocity and work preferences with the internal teams’ development practice.

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