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Tired of jumping from gig to gig? With Gsquad you’ll never feel like you’re working in a bubble. You’ll get to build great products with motivated people in a true engineering culture, without sacrificing your personal quality of life.

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The gig that never bites.

Whether you’re a software engineer, a data scientist, a UX designer, or just a smart person with lots of ideas, joining Gsquad gives you rewarding work, lets you exchange expertise with peers, and helps you grow your competencies. Your schedule is yours to fill as you see fit, all while doing the work you love. So you can truly feel free without the stress and uncertainty of being on your own.

Be amazing,
be a leader.

Compared with typical freelance gigs, Gsquad assignments are longer and more challenging and you will be right in the thick of things. You will have a seat at the table, your work will be judged on its merits, your voice will be heard, and you will have every opportunity to shine. In our mutually supportive environment, senior people will help you grow your skills and explore new directions in tech development that interest you. Best of all, if you demonstrate a knack for managing, people and time, the path to leadership is always open to you.

Now a freelancer
can truly feel free.

I chose to be a freelancer for the freedom it entails. I can plan my schedule as I like. I’m actually a big fan of the "slowpreneurship" mentality.

The main reason I love working with Gsquad is the great people I get to collaborate with. I’ve met highly competent yet super down-to-earth developers and tech leads who come from a whole lot of diverse backgrounds. I know I can always rely on and learn from these guys.

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Tommy Lebel Vue.js expert & tech lead at Gsquad since 2018
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More making.
Less admin.

  • Meaningful work that solves real problems
  • Helpful teammates who understand your work
  • Freedom to schedule your working hours
  • Cozy work spaces near you
  • Payments on time
  • Client admin chores
  • Promises of future work to justify low wages now
  • Running after cheques “lost in the mail”
  • Panicked managers who rush you
  • Judgments on your identity, lifestyle and beliefs

Don’t get a job.
Join Gsquad.

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