The definition of agility.

A strong engineering culture is not about cool offices, rooftop BBQs and foosball breaks (although we do enjoy all of that!). It’s about doing fulfilling, challenging work within teams where nobody has all the answers, everyone is accountable, and balanced collaboration is the law. That’s how you ship product faster. And that’s how you get to love what you do and feel like you’ve made a real contribution every day.

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Beyond agile.

We didn’t invent agility, but we’ve given it an extra boost. While our squads are composed as freelancers and operate autonomously as cross-functional Scrum teams, they’re never quite left to their own devices. They are surrounded by leaders, experts and mentors who make sure everyone contributes to the best of their abilities with a common vision. We provide the framework where great people can thrive. You get the nimbleness of entrepreneurship with the wisdom of experience.

Constructive communities.

A feature team works miracles when its members know they can depend on each other. In our squads everyone multi-tasks, people learn from each other, hierarchies are flat to non-existent, consensus rules in an atmosphere of mutual accountability and different points of view get hashed out in a healthy, respectful manner. The only certitude is the early and continuous delivery of valuable technology.

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Process is good.

Agility is extrinsic to industrial procedures, waterfall workflows and chains of command. But it does rely on processes to define the big picture and the basic framework for collaboration. Just the right dose of constraint to help scale resources, make strategic pivots, and foster problem-solving and creativity.


Welcoming new contributors doesn’t stop at contract signing. We coach them exhaustively so they fully absorb the culture and grasp how each squad works.

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Rules of engagement

Talent is not enough to make a squad. Members need to buy in to a defined framework for decision making, conflict resolution, and other daily interactions.

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Better over-educated than under-equipped. We hold frequent coaching sessions to inculcate the tenets of agility and address practical issues faced by squads.

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Knowledge sharing

We value building on past experiences and sharing what we’ve learned. It’s a communal approach to improving efficiency and never making the same mistake twice.

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