to the future of work.

We believe companies like yours deserve great people. And great people deserve really amazing places to work. But the rules have changed. Today’s talent want to work with inspired people and take on big challenges. They want quality of life. They seek fulfillment. Which is awesome for you, because truly fulfilled workers can create incredible value for your business. The potential synergies are huge. Gsquad is the catalyst that drives them. It’s the future of work, and it’s happening right now.

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of the U.S. working population will work freelance by 2027.


employers find it “challenging” to hire technical talent.


Current tech unemployment rate in the U.S.


of freelance workers are so by choice.

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  2. Censuswide/Indeed, 2016
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Enter the Gsquad economy.

Every day tech talent gets harder to find. Your business is left with freelancers and subcontractors who are difficult or impossible to integrate.

But who said recruiting was a binary choice between full-time and outsourced talent?

There’s another way. The Gsquad way.

Where businesses can scale staff instantly without long-term commitments, and talent can feel supported and part of a team so they do their best work.

It’s the future of work.

We’re here to unlock it for you.

Who we are

Gsquad was founded by Fred Brunel and Stephane Rossi, two business-minded technologists with a strong conviction that work is superfluous unless it creates actual value down the road.

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Stéphane Rossi

Co-founder & CEO

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Fred Brunel

Co-founder & CTO

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Laetitia Fatela

Head of Talent

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Ashley Badyal

Head of Growth

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Pierre-Luc Jodoin

Head of Practice

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Antoine Codaire

Head of Product

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Usama Ashraf

General Manager
South Asia

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Telsa Ep

Office Manager


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